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To launch your first or next Engaging Micro Course

With a three phase DONE-WITH-YOU Co-Creation Coaching Program

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3


You have many ideas but are unsure what specific course you should create right now.

We will complete a deep dive process to reveal your greatest opportunities to create sustainable revenue.

Phase 2


Next, we need to test and validate your course idea so that you don't waste time.

Together, we will Co-create and host a live workshop experience so you can test your ideas and accelerate your growth.

Phase 3


Next, we plan and co-create your Engaging Micro Course based on insights and feedback.

We will plan a pre-sale offer, launch it, and build your course as you enroll paying customers in your Micro Course offer.


is your business draining you?

Sustainable Revenue Challenges

Anyone who trades time for dollars with 1:1 or 1:MANY offers is likely to be the bottleneck in their business. 

Our approach is to focus on helping you create long-term sustainable revenue because that's the best way to create real freedom.

second guessing your ideas

Getting caught in the weeds of second-guessing what the "perfect course idea" is can be a huge waste of time.

Everything you need is already within you; I help you see it and connect the dots with audience motivations.


We live in a world with unlimited tools, options, and noise so building in a silo is a huge mistake.

Together we will Co-create you course and build it alongside your growing audience or community.

Meet the Micro Course biz dev coach

Matthew Biggar
Founder of Micro Course CreatorsTM

In the year of 2017, a pivotal moment came upon me.

As a corporate trainer for six years, my spirit yearned for a quest for greater autonomy and freedom akin to that of the digital entrepreneurs of lore.

I was a guardian of knowledge, deeply passionate about the art of teaching, yet I sought a realm where my creativity could soar without bounds.

The journey, however, commenced without a map. I ventured into the land of self-employment, armed with zeal but lacking a strategy for creating sustainable revenue.

I believed, as many do, that the only path to wealth was to trade my time for dollars, a method as old as time.

In my early endeavors, I offered my wisdom in one-to-one sessions. Yet, I soon found myself ensnared in a trap, feeling commoditized.

My services, though valuable, began to drain my creative essence and vitality.

Like the tides, my income ebbed and flowed, sometimes vanishing like mist under the morning sun.

A revelation dawned upon me in this period of uncertainty. I needed to forge streams of revenue that would not only flow continuously but also sustain me over years and even decades.

This realization lifted the veil from my eyes, showing me that content marketing need not be an endless chase, akin to a hamster on its wheel.

The greatest wisdom I gleaned from these trials was the power of support systems and the magic of collaboration.

By networking with fellow entrepreneurs and forging alliances, I broke free from the shackles of inconsistent revenue.

This transformative journey has now become the core of my life's work.

I dedicate my days to guiding others in harnessing their passions and strengths, transforming them into Gamified and Engaging Micro Course Experiences.

These experiences are not mere teachings; they are journeys of discovery designed to ignite creativity and passion in others, just as my journey ignited mine.

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