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that build trust with your clients and turn your business into a flywheel.

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All the coaching and
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To Create your Engaging Micro Course

in 90 days or less.

With a three-phase Done-With-You Coaching Program





You have many ideas but are unsure what specific course you should create.

We create a business development roadmap together.

Phase 2


You need to test your ideas with other people to ensure you have a winning idea.

We bring people together to test and co-create your micro course.

Phase 3


We bring the first version of your Engaging Micro Course to life.

This phase is custom-tailored to your unique business needs and goals.


it's about time you changed the way you grow your business

escaple the shackles of timebound revenue

You started your business to create a life of freedom, not to be trapped by how many hours you can work.

We develop a strategy to free you from trading your time for dollars.

second guessing your ideas

Course creators who build alone get stuck wasting months of time over-analyzing their ideas

We connect for weekly calls to hold you accountable and clarify action items that get results.

relying on social media algorithms

If you're trying to enroll clients in your offers, they need multiple trust touchpoints beyond social feeds.

We use Micro Courses as the foundations to make your business less dependent or social media algorithms.

Meet your business coach

Matthew Biggar
Founder of Micro Course CreatorsTM



Your greatest opportunity to stand out is to be yourself and focus on building trust.


Everyone is scrambling to create more content, but what happens when social media becomes so saturated with AI-generated content that organic reach inevitably dwindles into nothing?


Millions of digital entrepreneurs shouting into the void…


Now is the time to double down on building trust and being you!


So many people post content from a place of obligation, and I think that sucks! 

Maybe you’re feeling this, are you with me?


In my experience, content creation is about confidence building, connecting with humans, and sharing from the heart.


Don't you deserve to build a business you love while teaching and sharing ideas you're passionate about?


Now is the time to double down on playing the game on your terms and building trusting relationships with clients you love working with.


Engaging Micro Courses are stepping stones that build trust with the clients you enjoy working with. They warm your audience to your brand and prepare them for more significant offers or services.


When you build them correctly, they also increase the likelihood of receiving testimonials, which builds social proof and turns your audience into raving fans.


This is my obsession and passion as a business coach.

My name is Matt Biggar; I'm a seven-year digital entrepreneur with a background in corporate training, videography, and YouTube strategy. My passions include being a Star Wars nerd, a lifelong gamer, a diehard Lego fan, and an avid Disc Golfer.


I love guiding entrepreneurs and founders to simplify their businesses and focus on generating freedom with sustainable revenue. Engaging Micro Courses are versatile digital products that make both goals possible.

As a passionate teacher and coach, it’s become my mission to start a movement that elevates learning so that humanity can thrive.

We’re not exactly given all the training and tools we need to succeed as adults, are we?

Engaging Micro Courses are designed from the ground up to make an impact, over-deliver in value, and guide your clients through micro-achievements.

In other words, we make them fun and transformational.

Our signature three-phase process builds your course in 90 days or less:

  1. Spark Phase - Strategize and choose your best course idea.
  2. Innovate Phase - Test with a small group of people.
  3. Create Phase - Bring your Engaging Micro Course to life.


Without the slog of endless launches, no one likes doing.

The goal is to transform what you already know and love teaching into a growth engine that makes it easier for your audience to say yes to working with you.


The time to protect your business from the onset of generative AI is now.

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